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USA’s @ceoBossyGals New Video

 Entrepreneur Gerri Chambers 

You can now buy my book for under $10, and, inside you will find well over $750 worth of discounted deals to help you on the road to becoming an awesome successful entrepreneur.
Aim: My Bossy Gals, (entrepreneurs, business minded women, bored housewives & the unemployed), are rising up around the world, and, are now breaking free from the chains and shackles that bind them to boring mundane jobs, and, dull lifestyles that they absolutely detest. All with one aim in common to become supreme business leaders in a job that they love by becoming their own Boss, and destroying the myth that it’s a male dominated business world!
Goal: I’m inviting you, too, to become my business partner, and, to stake a claim in the huge conglomerate I’m creating HERE: “ How? Simply click on, and, buy my amazing book ‘Bossy.’ After you’ve read its awesome inspiring, and, entrepreneurial thought provoking contents mention to me in an e-mail what attributes you can bring to the boardroom-table with your BossyGals partnership, and, the dream position you’d like within my conglomerate as a Bossy Gal entrepreneur?
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12 comments on “ReTWEET if you’re a WOMAN #JOIN our Emancipation Movement! RT. #TeamBossyGals share our #LOVE

  1. Congratulations Gerri on a wonderful fabulously awesome movement, and, brilliant business model. I’m sure there’s millions of females out there doing boring 9-5 jobs that they absolutely detest who would love to know more about your offer. And, judging by the amount of twitter tweet button shares above news of your enterprise is already going out to hundreds of thousands. Your book ‘Bossy’ certainly throws a female considering becoming an entrepreneur an encouraging lifeline of what they could achieve if they had the courage to realize their dreams and become their own Boss. Mazel tov on your wonderful success to you, and, to all the BossyGals who buy your book, and, join your emancipation of women movement. It’s a phenomenal concept to create the first all entrepreneurial women based conglomerate. Purchasing an item like your book for around $10 which contains well over $1,000 of discounted deals is amazing value for established entrepreneurs never mind those just setting off into the business world. I guess all the top guys who have ruled the corporate world from day one better watch out as your entrepreneurial ‘BossyGals’ stake their claim in this male dominated market, and, your empire begins to rise. New York there’s a new Bossy-Gal on the block start spreading the news. Kind Regards Cap’n Joe 😀

  2. Statement from our CEO Gerri Chambers:

    I’m humbled by the incredible response from everyone – men included! Yes, this movement is going wild and it’s gaining momentum! It truly is my heart displayed in public here. It’s my passion to help women who are willing to become better than they are today. To not only be freed from the paycheck to paycheck and mundane lifestyle but dream big and achieve! I’m their biggest cheerleader and I will not stand by while women are suffering from status quo! I’m excited to wake up every morning to a new challenge which starts one woman at a time realizing her God-given true and highest potential!

    Bossy Gals out there, we are unstoppable and I’ll guide you through the most exciting time of your life if you’ll join me! Thank you for your support.

    Kind Regards

  3. In March of 2014, I found WordPress. It changed my life. See, I was a new mom coming out of a broken, sloppy and violent, relationship that first started after sexual assault. I stayed in it for five years. I didn’t think I deserved any better. She would (yes, she!) often tell me, “No one could ever love you like I could!” I believed that. So, when she broke my hand it was okay. It was my fault.

    Then, I had a daughter. She’s one now, but soon to be two. As a single mom, she watches every move I make and listens to every word I say. She also will read my words one day. She’ll hear my message to the world and the words I spilled out.

    Lately, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about that. And do you know what keeps echoing in my mind over and over?

    What if love was trending and compassion went viral? Imagine! Wouldn’t THAT be something?!

    I’ve seen a lot of pain. I’m one of THOSE women: the victim, the survivor, the broken, the weak and helpless, the …

    Hell no! I am a soldier, a warrior . . I am a woman. My voice matters! I speak for my daughter. Every woman in the world needs to know her voice matters. WE are soldiers! Life is the war.

    How can I educate and protect my children from our culture of violence if don’t educate myself about the REAL truths of the world and danger that’s in it?

    Women need to ask themselves that. Men need to ask themselves that. Moms and dads need to ask themselves that!

    Some call me pessimistic because my writing is not always fluffy. But the world is NOT a beautiful place.

    The fact we don’t care to admit that is sad and the fact we ignore it is dangerous.

    Life is not beautiful. Often, it’s broken and messy. What makes it beautiful? That we see the ugly parts and choose to create beauty in the midst of them.

    I’ve heard it said that pain changes people. I believe that. My life is built on it’s foundation.

    But so does love!

    I’m with Gerri and I’m all in. What if women know their voices mattered? What if moms around the world took love and compassion viral? What if we weren’t known for our weakness, but for the way our love changed the world?

    Wouldn’t that be something? #LoveChangesPeople!


    Let’s #GetBossy with #TeamBossyGals.

    Warm Regards,
    The newest member of #TeamBossyGals
    @Grace_Durbin ♥

    P.S. You matter!

  4. Hey, Cap’n! Can you change the setting on this blog to be able to allow others to reblog it? If so, I’ll reblog. I’ll echo you! ♥

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